IQ Partial Discharge Testing

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The POWER PLUS Engineering, Inc. IQ Partial Discharge Testing Services consists of three integral steps. IQ Sampling involves POWER PLUS collecting field samples of electronic signals emitted from electrical components using special sensors. IQ Diagnostics consists of analyzing the signals and IQ Reporting to provide the customer with results and recommendations related to the condition of the components that were sampled.


The IQ program is best utilized by performing annual surveys so that insulation degradation trends can be spotted.  While partial discharge survey is being performed, visual access to many electrical components is possible.  This provides POWER PLUS with opportunities to discover many other problems with the installation.  In addition to taking advantage of visual inspections, this is also a good time to perform an infrared evaluation.  By combining PD, visual and infrared inspections, POWER PLUS can provide value-added service to the customer.

IQ Applications & Uses

<a class="button large radius" href="tel:8007653120”>CALL NOW! <strong> (800)765-3120</strong></a></div></p>&#10;&#10;<p>The IQ program also has some limitations.  Insulation failure can occur quickly, so certain types of failure could be " missed"="" between="" annual="" surveys.=""  lightning="" or="" switching="" surges="" may="" initiate="" electrical="" trees="" at="" dormant="" flaw="" sites,="" which="" can="" fail="" rapidly.=""  environmental="" and="" operating="" conditions="" influence="" partial="" discharge="" activity="" could="" vary="" results.=""  the="" iq="" program="" assesses="" insulation="" condition="" cannot="" predict="" the="" mechanical="" of="" equipment.=""  it="" is="" thus="" necessary="" to="" still="" perform="" time-based="" preventive="" maintenance="" testing="" inspection="" certain="" equipment,="" require="" regular="" service.Click Here to see a IQ Partial Discharge PowerPoint Presentation

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POWER PLUS Engineering can support all the IQ Partial Discharge testing needs. Please call (800) 765-3120 or or email Sam Mancuso for a very competitive quote.