Power Quality Monitoring 

Power quality monitoring service & NEC 220.87 demand monitoring by experienced electrical engineers

Power Quality Monitoring Services in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio - Screen_Shot_2016-07-11_at_1The POWER PLUS Power Quality Monitoring group specializes in the identification and cause of electrical system disturbances.

Power Quality Problems are any deviation in the electrical power that results in the failure or malfunction of the customer's equipment. These problems can either be internal or external of a facility. Approximately 80% of all Power Quality problems are created internally.

Today's business environment requires clean, dependable electrical energy. This can easily be accomplished by first determining the quality of the power at your facility and then taking appropriate action to correct any problems. 



Power Quality Monitoring Services in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio - power_testingSymptoms Of Power Quality Problems

  • Lightly Loaded Transformers Overheat
  • Circuit Breakers Trip at Random
  • Computers Crash or Reboot
  • Data Transmissions Contain Errors
  • Equipment Runs Erratically
  • Telephone Calls Disconnected for no Apparent Reason


POWER PLUS can locate and determine the root cause(s) of your power quality problems. We will then work with you and your staff to offer solutions that will optimize your electrical environment and help protect your facility's operation against poor quality electrical power and unexpected interruptions.

We also offer a cost effective solution to comply with the 30-day demand/load monitoring requirement of NEC 220.87.



Steps To Solutions

I. Site Analysis

  • Defining Power Quality Problem
  • Type Of Equipment Failing or Malfunctioning
  • Time Of Day Problems Occur/ Specific-Random

II. Power Quality Monitoring

  • Record Data At Predetermined Locations & Duration
  • Sags, Swells, Surges, Electrical Noise, Harmonics

III. Assessment Of Monitoring Data

  • Analysis Data
  • Report

POWER PLUS can identify, determine the cause and provide a NETA compliant solution for high voltage power problems. Please call (800) 765-3120 or email Adam Malloy for a competitive quote on all of your monitoring needs.