Private Underground Utility Location

We start where MISS DIG leaves off

Private Underground Utility Location Services for Indiana, Michigan and Ohio - buriedgaslinePOWER PLUS Engineering, Inc. is a private, professional underground utility locating and staking firm, which specializes in serving the construction and excavating industry, hospitals, colleges, municipal school systems, and all larger industrial and commercial sites that have investments in underground installations.

Our technicians can accurately identify the underground locations of primary and secondary electrical, gas, telecom, water, cable TV and metallic fluid transmission pipes.

This service is designed to cover needs that are NOT addressed by the Miss Dig program.  The Miss Dig program provides one central clearing point for the location of all utility owned underground installations.

POWER PLUS provides private underground utility location services, for Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio sites with investments in underground installations. Please email Adam Malloy for a very competitive quote.