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The POWER PLUS Training Group specializes in onsite nationwide "hands-on" electrical testing and safety training. We offer a variety of courses that are specifically designed to meet all of your requirements.

According to the NFPA 70E, a “Qualified Person" is one who is trained and knowledgeable of the construction and operation of the equipment or the specific work method, and be trained to recognize the hazards present. Such persons shall also be familiar with the use of the precautionary techniques, personal protective equipment, insulating and shielding materials, and insulated tools and test equipment. A person can be considered qualified with respect to certain standards and methods but still are unqualified for others.

In addition, to be permitted to work within the limited approach of exposed energized conductors and circuit parts the person shall be trained in all of the following:

  • The skills and techniques necessary to distinguish exposed live parts from other parts of electric equipment
  • The skills and techniques necessary to determine the nominal voltage of exposed live parts
  • The minimum approach distances specified in this section corresponding to the voltages to which the qualified employee will be exposed
  • The decision making process necessary to determine the degree and extent of the hazard and the personal protective equipment and job planning necessary to perform the task safely

Do your employees meet these requirements?

The POWER PLUS training group specializes in onsite, "hands-on" customized electrical testing and safety training.  We offer a variety of courses that are specifically designed to meet all the NFPA 70E and current OSHA requirements.

POWER PLUS has combined its technical knowledge and field expertise with sound instructional practices to offer onsite training nationwide designed to go beyond the classroom and onto the job. Unlike most third party training companies, POWER PLUS programs are real, site specific, "hands on" programs.  Students walk away from our courses with confidence in their skills practiced during their training.

Course Title Duration Outline NETA CTDC's
Arc Flash Hazard Analysis   8 Hrs.

PDF, 20K

Arc Flash Hazard Awareness   4 Hrs.

PDF, 20K

Industrial Electrical Safety   8 Hrs.

PDF, 19K

NFPA 70E Electrical Safety   8 Hrs.

PDF, 19K

NFPA 70E Compliance Training 16 Hrs.

PDF, 19K

Electrical Awareness for Emergency Responders   4 Hrs.

PDF, 17K

Substation Safety and Operation 16 Hrs.

PDF, 20K

Substation Maintenance 40 Hrs.

PDF, 20K

Circuit Breaker Operation and Maintenance 16 Hrs.

PDF, 19K

Transformer Operation and Maintenance 16 Hrs.

PDF, 20K

Electrical Grounding Practices 16 Hrs.

PDF, 17K

Understanding the NEC 32 Hrs.

PDF, 19K

Changes to the 2005 NEC 16 Hrs.

PDF, 17K

Forklift Safety   2 Hrs.

PDF, 18K


Courses are conducted by one of our staff of experienced and trained instructors in both the course topic and facilitation of the learning process.  All POWER PLUS instructors are NETA certified test technicians and spend time in the field.  The duality of field experience and instructional responsibilities of all of our instructors assures that they remain current in both the content and process of our training programs.

Please call (800) 765-3120, click here for a Request For Quote form or email Mike Mancuso for more information.

Visit our download page for:

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  • NFPA 70E Tables
  • A Free Arc Flash Calculator
  • Fun Stuff

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