AC Testing Services

POWER PLUS is a NETA accredited company and has a qualified staff to handle all of your electrical distribution system requirements.

Leading the industry in AC testing and maintenance

AC Testing Services: Commercial Power Solutions | Power Plus Engineering - voltagetestThe POWER PLUS AC Systems group specializes in the testing and maintenance of circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, protective relays, meters and all other components of electrical distribution systems up to 345,000 volts.  We provide Infrared Thermography Inspections, Ground Mat Testing, Ground Fault Calibration, Circuit Breaker Retrofit and Rebuilding, and Utility Line Monitoring.

Over time electrical equipment deteriorates due to dirt, residue and particulate contamination, electrical stress, thermal cycling, aging, and other various causes.  As a result, connections can loosen, contacts can corrode, surfaces can wear, and insulation systems can be compromised.  These problems can cause electrical equipment failure and can potentially lead to catastrophic failure.