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Transformer repair specialists in Michigan

Transformer Services: Repair, Installation & Maintenance | Power Plus Engineering - Liquid_TransformerSince 1954, the POWER PLUS Transformer (formally ACE Transformer) Service group has specialized in transformer Insulating Fluid Sample and Analysis, 5-Micron Fluid Filtration services, Insulating Fluid Retrofill services, PCB Contamination Elimination and Disposal services, and On-Site Leak Repair services (including bushings, tap changers, fuses, gauges, and valves).

POWER PLUS has portable filtration equipment to handle Hydrocarbon Insulating Fluids, R-Temp Fluids, Dielectric Silicones, Electron Beam Welder Oils and quenching oils.  Most filtration services can be performed on energized equipment.


<a class="button large radius" href="tel:8007653120”>CALL NOW! <strong> (800)765-3120</strong></a></div></p>&#10;&#10;<p>Additionally, POWER PLUS can perform replacement of damaged or failed lightning arrestors, bushings, and tap changers, re-taping and weatherproofing of primary and secondary wiring and bus and cleaning and inspection of overhead insulators and bushings.</p>&#10;&#10;<h3><strong style=" line-height:="" 20.8px;"="">POWER PLUS provides filtration services, insulating fluid sample and analysis, contamination elimination and disposal services as well as replacement of damaged arrestors for transformers. Please call (800) 765-3120 or email Chris Kidd to quote all of your transformer repair or maintenance needs.