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Since 1954, the POWER PLUS Transformer (formally ACE Transformer) Service group has specialized in transformer Insulating Fluid Sample and Analysis, 5-Micron Fluid Filtration services, Insulating Fluid Retrofill services, PCB Contamination Elimination and Disposal services, and On-Site Leak Repair services (including bushings, tap changers, fuses, gauges, and valves).

POWER PLUS has portable filtration equipment to handle Hydrocarbon Insulating Fluids, R-Temp Fluids, Dielectric Silicones, Electron Beam Welder Oils and quenching oils.  Most filtration services can be performed on energized equipment.

Additionally, POWER PLUS can perform replacement of damaged or failed lightning arrestors, bushings, and tap changers, re-taping and weatherproofing of primary and secondary wiring and bus and cleaning and inspection of overhead insulators and bushings.

Please let us quote all of your transformer repair or maintenance needs.

Call us today at (800) 765-3120

 or email Chris Kidd to get a very competitive quotation.


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